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Greed is an asymmetrical multiplayer free-to-play experience. One of the players assumes the role of the Dungeon Master trying to stage a rebellion against the god of Greed. The three other players do their best to undermine him by capturing his treasure chambers. Will the Adventurers fulfill their contract with the greedy god, or will the Dungeon Master succeed in his efforts to overthrow his employer? The outcome is in your hands.

The Dungeon Master controls its domain through an RTS-style interface with an ability of direct third person control over his troops.

The Adventurers operate in a Third Person Action mode, relying on combat prowess and teamwork to achieve supremacy.

Both sides strive to take control over the dungeon by capturing as many rooms as possible or by destroying the enemy base.

Key features

  • Asymmetrical gameplay. — An RTS/Action showdown packed in a single game!
  • Griefing is fine! — You love to ruin someone else's game, don't you? Greed provides many means of messing up with the others! But remember: your victims enjoy the same opportunities...
  • Procedural generation. — A new game — a new dungeon! Reinvent your strategy every time you connect to a session.
  • Are you greedy as well? — Fear not, for the game is free to play! Call your friends and join the quest for wealth at the price of $0.00!



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